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8 Ways to be a Winter Winner

What is a winter winner? We think it’s when you’re de-stressed, cosy and surrounded by the people who matter, so we’ve curated this list of tips to survive the season.


winter winner dine out

Let someone else do the cooking (and the dishes)

Most local restaurants offer amazing festive menus throughout December and January. For prices starting around 20 bucks per person, you could enjoy a chef cooked meal. Definitely sounds better than a half-day slaving over a hot stove! We do recommend booking in advance though, you’re unlikely to be the only person looking to get out of the house.

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winter winner parties

Make your Christmas/NYE parties a couples’ affair

Company parties get a bad rap sometimes (mostly involving a copier or the supply closet). Prevent any possible drama by allowing partners to attend. It’s more likely to keep everyone on their best behavior and it will allow for lighter conversations as introductions happen. Keep costs down by limiting beverage offerings to a few options and set reasonable end times for the event. As with meals out, it’s good to book ahead this time of year to secure a good venue.

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winter winner postcard

Take the perfect holiday photo by ditching the studios

For some reason, when the holidays roll around, people think they have to traipse¬†down to the local Sears (or church fellowship hall) and fake-smile for three hours to get the perfect photo to send to family. We think that the best photos come when you’re actually having fun, in a fun environment. Get out of the house, out of the studio and seek out interesting scenes. Think interesting holiday decor, cool furniture or an outdoor activity for photos that your friends and family will want to receive.

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Have a year with no holiday commitmentswinter winner travel

Especially if you’re married and/or have children, the pressure to see everyone during the holidays can be immense. Long drives and flights eat into your time off and add to the stress and drudgery of it all. It might be a bit controversial, but we’re going to say it… just don’t. For one holiday season, book a trip to anywhere and tell everyone you’re out of town. You can do the circuit next year but just once, exit the holidays refreshed and ready for the new year.

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winter winner road trip

Enjoy more than just the destination

Road trips are a great way to show that the journey matters too. Children can really benefit from time away from screens, experiencing nature and changing scenery through the car-window glass. Wintertime is the best opportunity to take a drive to see snow if you live somewhere tropical or escape the blustery winds by road-tripping south. That change of climate will provide the most interesting viewing for passengers.

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winter winner snuggle

You don’t need to stay home to stay in

Winter weather makes us all want to hibernate. So much time sat on the couch, stuffing ourselves with treats; it can get a bit stale (not to mention the toll it can take on any family that’s cooped up with you). This winter, we’re suggesting you don’t have to go far to shake off the cobwebs. Staying a night in a neighboring town can be an exciting way to get out without it needing to be a big production. Just you and someone special; getting cosy with a glass of bubbly; could be just what the doctor ordered.

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Find yourself (and your limits) with outdoor activities

Winter conditions make everything outdoors that much more difficult but the payoff can be immense. Why not see how far you can push yourself on a mountain hike or ski adventure? Unless your partner is particularly keen, we think this should be a solo activity. (That way, you don’t feel pressured into staying long past when it stops being fun.) When is the last time you’ve had some me time? Make time for it this winter.

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Remember to enjoy the little moments

Winter can be one of the busiest seasons. The temptation is there to run about, spend loads and put everyone else’s needs first but; aside from breeding resentment, it’s not healthy to carry so much stress (especially during flu season). That’s why our last and final tip is to savor the little moments that make winter a fun time of year. Seasonal lattes, gift wrapping, festive lights, pet sweaters (we’re obsessed!)… there are loads of little things that only happen once a year. Don’t let the time go by in a flurry of business that will never be remembered. Make memories this winter.


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